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"I don't usually write reviews but this was the best experience, quality product and service we could ask for. 100% happy with the outcome of our wedding photography and MOVIE!! I would definitely recommend Discovery Bay Studios to anyone having a wedding! THANK YOU STACEY AND KELLY!!!"

What to Expect Next

A timeline of how things generally work from initial contact to delivery of your wedding materials.

Initial Contact

Our first contact from a client is normally done by submitting this form from our website to check availability. We will respond by email, it is our preferred method of communicating so we have a record of what is discussed. If you don’t get a reply from us within 12-24 hours please check your “Spam” or “Junk” folder. We are usually very prompt with our replies. Feel free to call (925-216-4454) if you still don’t see an email.

Initial Meeting

We normally like to meet at the Discovery Bay Starbucks or we can FaceTime if you are out of town. The address is 14804 Hwy 4 Byron, CA 94514. The Starbucks is in the Safeway shopping center just west of Discovery Bay on Hwy 4. Please supply us with your cell number, just in case. Our cell is (925) 216-4454. At the meeting we will find out more about your wedding and your vision. We will also show you samples of our wedding books. The meetings are fun and can last 45 minutes or more.

After the Meeting

If you feel you would like to book us, and we feel we are a good fit, we will email you a contract. If everything looks good to you then please print, sign and mail the contract along with the deposit check to:

Discovery Bay Studios
PO Box 1053
Discovery Bay, CA 94505

Once we receive your check and signed contract we will reserve your date.

If you use Facebook we suggest you “Like” Discovery Bay Studios Facebook page and “Friend” Stacey Chance & Kelly Chance. That way you can keep up with what’s happening with Discovery Bay Studios and get to know us better. And we're on Instagram @discoverybaystudios

Two Weeks Before Your Wedding

Please mail your check for the remaining balance to:

Discovery Bay Studios
PO Box 1053
Discovery Bay, CA 94505

And please submit this form so that we have all the necessary details about your wedding. We can also meet with you in person if convenient. If you have any questions about your timeline we are happy to help. The information below may help with planning your timeline.

Day Before the Wedding

If your wedding is local we may attend the rehearsal. That way we can give some last minute tips for your wedding day. So let us know the time of your rehearsal.

Day of the Wedding

We normally arrive for the “getting ready” shots when the bride is having her makeup/hair done (Generally about 3 hours before the ceremony). Brides don’t usually like many photos before hair and makeup. And when getting your hair/makeup done, please try to sit facing the window. It makes for better light in photos.

After the bride is made up we can sit down for a little video interview. We like to find a quiet and private location for the interview. Please don’t prepare for the interview, it’s really just a conversation. Try to be natural and speak from your heart.

It’s a good idea to get all of the bridesmaids dressed early so that we can get pictures of them helping to put on the bride’s dress. Next we get the bridal party photos so as to have the bride sequestered 45 minutes before the ceremony.

Plan on at least 30 minutes to get bridal party photos along with the bride portraits, and at least 20 minutes for the guys.

We try to get the groom’s interview done before the bride. Groom photos can be done up to about 30 minutes before the ceremony.

Sample Pre Ceremony Timeline
1:45PM Photographers Arrive - Interview Groom
2:45PM Bride Finished with Hair & Makeup - Bride Interview
3:15PM Bride Put On Dress
3:45PM Bridal Party Photo Shoot
4:15PM Sequester Bride
5:00PM Ceremony

After the ceremony plan on getting the family photos done. Please inform your family ahead of time not to leave after the ceremony. Then we take the wedding party photos. Then if the light is good (near sunset) we take the bride & groom photos. If the sun isn’t setting for a while we may take the bride & groom photos right after you eat. That’s a good time because no one will miss you while they eat. And that’s why we try to eat at the same time as the bride & groom, so we don’t miss anything. IMPORTANT: Please inform your venue/caterer/coordinator to feed us when you eat.

Plan on at least 30 minutes for family and wedding party photos, then another 20 to 30 minutes for bride and groom photos. We like to have you ready at least 10 minutes before the introduction to allow for bustling the wedding dress and freshening up.

We generally stay to cover the last events of the reception. If you think it may take more than eight hours from getting ready through the reception events we can include extra hours in your contract.

After the Wedding

We try to get some “teaser” photos posted to Facebook within a few days of your wedding. Then, if possible, we try to get your music video done within a week. Then we will send you a link with all of the “favorite” photos.

We love it when clients use our photos (with watermarks) as their profile and cover photos on Facebook.

Once your wedding book is designed (up to three months depending on if it’s the busy season) we will email you a link to check your wedding book for errors before we order it.

Once everything is ready for you we can ship your stuff or meet you in person if it’s convenient. Sometimes it’s fun to rehash the events of your wedding day as we present you with your wedding materials.

Feel free to write online reviews and tell your friends about us. And if we were referred by somebody, please thank them. We get many referrals from wedding venues and they like to hear that they made you happy by referring us.


Who is Discovery Bay Studios?

A home based wedding photography business owned and operated by Stacey and Kelly Chance. We are a husband and wife photography team who specialize in weddings.

What is your photography style?

We are photojournalistic style photographers, but use some traditional methods as necessary. Traditional photography is giving way to the unobtrusive photojournalistic style usually preferred by today’s younger couples. We enjoy capturing the wedding day as it unfolds, but if we see an instance where we may be of some help we don’t hesitate to politely offer suggestions.

Who will shoot the wedding?

Stacey and Kelly will personally shoot your wedding. We work as a team to get different points of view. You get two experienced photographers for the price of one! This helps with redundancy. In the event of equipment malfunction the other shooter is always ready.

When the situation calls for it, Kelly is great at arranging poses. This frees up Stacey to get creative with specialty lenses and camera settings. We get all of the safe shots and then push the envelope to get you wedding shots that you will see nowhere else.

Six Reasons Wedding Venues Prefer to Recommend Discovery Bay Studios Photography.

1. Your clients will thank you! Clients will love their experience and their photographs.
2. Your wedding venue will look amazing with quality, professional photos.
3. You have free use and access to the wedding photos and video, usually within a week of the wedding.
4. Discovery Bay Studios is professional and fun to work with.
5. Discovery Bay Studios provides promo videos, albums and canvas wraps to venues for FREE!
6. We help promote your venue with Facebook and Instagram posts whenever possible.

What makes our PhotoFusion videos special?

Years ago we began creating slideshows as a fun way for clients to view their photographs at no extra cost. When the cameras we shoot with began to incorporate video we added video clips to the the slideshows.

Our fusion videos have recently been spotlighted on the Photodex website. Photodex makes the video editing software ProShow. See our work on the PhotoDex website

Using Copyrighted Popular Music in Wedding Videos

Without obtaining a license, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, using popular music in your wedding videos can expose you to litigation from the music industry. According to copyright laws, damages can be awarded up to $150,000 per instance on top of attorneys’ fees.

Using royalty free music is the answer. Today, the variety and quality of royalty free music is better than ever. Obtaining licenses for royalty free music is easy and inexpensive, at $40 - $60 per song. Using royalty free music has other advantages as well. It doesn’t run the risk of dating your video, because you used popular music. Also, your music won’t run the risk of being over played on the radio, and thus become stale.

Using popular licensed music can limit how you share your wedding videos. Many sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook may reject your video for having licensed music. Using royalty free music doesn’t restrict your sharing in any way.

It is tempting to use popular copyright music in your wedding videos, as a number of photographers/videographers still do, but doing so can expose you (and your photographer/videographer) to many hassles you didn’t bargain for.

Here are some of the main stream songs which we can license and use in your video. You may find more on the Song Freedom website:
A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
Feel Again by One Republic
Beautiful Love by The Afters
God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes
Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO
All Your Life by The Band Perry
Best Day of My Life by American Authors
Life is Beautiful by The Afters
Secrets by One Republic
At Last by Etta James
Kiss Me - Six Pence Non the Richer
On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
Marry the Night by Lady Gaga
I Do by Colbie Caillat
Born This Way by Lady Gaga
What Means Most to Me by Colbie Caillat
Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
1, 2, 3, 4 by Plain White T’s
Brighter Than the Sun by Colbie Caillat
Fallin' for You by Colbie Caillat

What is the normal process for hiring you?

Often we meet with clients at a mutually agreed local Starbucks. This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and discuss your wedding. We can also go over our contract (Sample wedding photography agreement) and answer any questions.

Then, if you like, we can shoot an engagement photo for you right there for free! Many couples find this photo useful in their "Save the Date" invitations.

Our meetings are fun, informative and there's no obligation :-)

How will you make it easy for friends and family to order prints?

Although you are supplied with all of your images on discs, you may want your friends and family to be able to see your wedding photos online.

Normally within two weeks of your wedding select images are posted to an online photo album/gallery. Your music video slideshow is often posted right there too. We will email you the link so you can share with friends and family. This makes it easy for everyone who attended the wedding to view and/or order their own prints without bothering you.

How do you offer a high quality product at reasonable prices?

We don’t have a large advertising budget. Most of our business comes from referrals. We work hard to please our clients so they tell their friends!

As with most industries today, technology is changing the photography industry. We pride ourselves in staying on the leading edge of photography trends. Much of the transaction and communication process is done through email and our website. We invest in the latest digital camera equipment with specialty lenses best suited for wedding photography.

We concentrate on what we do best, getting spectacular images and then enhancing them even more using the latest software. The efficiency of delivering your images online and on discs makes things simpler and less expensive.

We can help you with prints if you don’t have the desire or time. But since you own all of the original images it can be more convenient and less expensive for you to order prints online or through a retailer such as Costco.

Do you have photography insurance?

Yes. We have liability and errors and omissions insurance through The Harford Insurance Company. Policy number:59SBWUH1886. Phone number: (866) 467-8730

Why can’t I just have “Uncle Charlie” shoot my wedding to save money?

Using a friend or family member to take pictures at your expensive wedding may not be such a good idea. $10,000 is considered the minimum amount of camera equipment required to properly shoot a wedding. “Uncle Charlie” may have good intentions and a nice new camera, but here are a few points to consider before risking your precious wedding memories and inconveniencing “Uncle Charlie”.

• Does he have professional wedding specific camera equipment capable of quality photographs in all lighting conditions?
• Does he have backup cameras, lenses, batteries, memory, etc?
• Does he know all of the “must have” shots that are required during the wedding day?
• Does he know the best angles, positions, and how to anticipate each important event?
• Does he know how to pose large groups?
• Does he know how to create romantic couple portraits?
• When the going gets tough during a long day of shooting will he be committed to getting you the best shots possible? Or maybe it’s just time for a drink?
• Will he add a professional presence to your wedding and will he know when to offer experienced advice when things don’t go so smoothly?
• Does he know Photoshop and which effects are best suited to particular images?
• Is he willing to spend hours and hours pouring over hundreds or thousands of images and then deliver the images in a convenient presentation for you?
• Are you willing to accept snapshots of your expensive wedding versus professionally crafted photographs with a style of their own?

And finally, for you to ask “Uncle Charlie” to take on such a monumental chore he must be considered very close to you. If he is so close, doesn’t he deserve to relax as a guest during your wedding and enjoy the celebration? Please avoid headaches and disappointment by properly budgeting your wedding to allow for professional photographers.

What are your prices?

You can view our prices here.

Where can I read testimonials submitted from your clients?

You can view our clients' testimonials here.

Where can I see some of your recent work?

Check out our Facebook page here and "Like" us.

What about sales tax?

California State Board of Equalization Document

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